College Planning Service
Personalized guidance for the college admissions process 408.248.4816
All services are accomplished via in person meetings, Skype, email and telephone conferences.

Initial Consultation

(90 minutes)

Review your student's testing information, academic transcript, do general curriculum planning for the remaining high school years, layout a time-line for testing and discuss the college process. Adapted to meet the needs of students in different grade levels.

Appropriate for all grade levels.

Freshman & Sophomore Package

Review of current academic record, advice on course selection with an overview of the remaining years in high school, discussion of college trends, recommendations on testing, summer activities and employment. Advice on how to make high school a successful endeavor.

Discuss study skills and time management techniques. Specifics on early college planning, extracurricular involvement based on student's interests and passions

PLEASE NOTE: College Planning Service Consultants are NOT paid agents of any college or university. We adhere to a strict code of ethics and only accept payment from our clients -- students and their families seeking recommendations based on identified educational needs.

Comprehensive Package

  • Individualized analysis of student’s interests, abilities, needs, and priorities in the college search.
  • Holland Self Directed Search for Career Planning & other self-reflection exercises
  • Assessment of academic record
  • Curriculum planning
  • List of recommended schools to research
  • Planning for standardized tests
  • Discuss summer enrichment opportunities
  • Advice on planning effective college visits
  • Organizational support and tools
  • Activities résumé guidance and review
  • Application review prior to submission
  • Preparation for college interviews
  • Basic financial aid information
  • Support for students with special concerns such as the gifted, students with learning issues, artists, and athletes
  • Consultation on final college choice after acceptances

Transfer Students

One third of college graduates attend more than one college. Sometimes it is because they have made the wrong choice initially, or they change their mind or major and the 4 year school they are at no longer meets their needs. Sometimes it is because they have attended a community college for the first part of their post high school education and it is time to transfer to a 4 year university or college.

College Planning Service has worked successfully in the transfer process with both California Community College students as well as students wanting to transfer to another 4 year university.

International Students

The world has shrunk and many students from abroad wish to attend a college or university in the United States. Vicki has successfully worked with students abroad who are now happily attending universities in the United States.